Renata is young, intelligent, dreamy but ... is fat.  How many pounds does she need to lose to be happy when her Prince charming comes to find her?




Renata is a girl complexed by its figure, trapped in a job that does not satisfy, with colleagues who are taking advantage of her insecurities to harass her. To earn the respect of their peers decides to fake a relationship. Just at that moment, appear, as if by magic, the so-called Prince of history, who rescues her and placed in the hands of his aunt, an ex-model who seems to have been raised the difficult task of achieving that girl find her inner beauty.


Clara Voghan presents a cheerful, vibrant and fun heart-touching novel, which shows that attraction doesn't depend on beauty, but in each one's capacity for seduction. The path to happiness lies beyond that of physical appearance.


In relation to this novel the authoress said:

“Renata is, undoubtedly, the novel that has given more satisfactions to me. And not only for having been one of the most widely read, but by the reactions of readers to explore its pages. It was enough to appear so that everyone had something to say.

The novel was originally published by deliveries and, I am still excited when I remember the words of a young girl, that having read the first chapter she wrote to tell me that she was Renata. And immediately told me in detail his life, which coincided with the history of the three following chapters. And, as Renata, she also was at the crossroads of Chapter five and didn't know how to proceed. Of course, she lacked read the end of its own history!"



About Clara Voghan' Works


In 2004 she initiated her digital publications with the romantic novel Un Saludo distinto (A different greeting), where the protagonists, Marcela and Damián, two neighbors, have never imagined that the real love could be hidden in the house of to the side. To this publication it followed two brief novels Renata (2005), whose main characteristic is that it is centred on the romantic adventures of a girl with overweight problems, and Soledad, sexo y pedagogía (Soledad, sex and pedagogy, 2006), where the daughter of a sexologist, filled with prejudices finds love alter a series of snarls.

Towards the end of 2006 she announces the trilogy headed by the romantic novel Pequeños Pecados (Small sins), where Victoria Ferrari's saga begins. Later the collateral histories are completed by the publication of the novels Volver a empezar (Start over again, 2007) and A través de mis ojos (Through my eyes, 2007). In 2008 it has digitaly published Elegir al Mentiroso (To choose the Liar). Paula, her protagonist, has come to Buenos Aires with the intention of reporting the assassin of her husband; to achieve this she will only count with the help of her boss; a professional liar.




The history of Ifi (2008)

Laura’s secret corner (2008)

Delightfully vulnerable (2009)

A disturbing proximity (2010)

Of resentments and revenges (2015)





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Clara Voghan

Clara Voghan is the pen name of an Argentine writer of romance novels.

Born in Buenos Aires, 1957. Public accountant (U. C. A.), married and with three children, she began writing in 2001.

Her work, which she herself defines as "Literature to read in the metro", is composed of simple stories of sentimental nature, some of which are very short in length, while others are more extensive.

Her novels immerse the reader in a world full of real characters, in an Argentina that is a pure magic realism.

She likes to think her novels could be catalogued as costumbrismo, disguised as romance, with constant bursts of humour.

Her novels, widely distributed through the Internet, have conquered the hearts of readers in Spain, Latin America and the rest of the world.




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